Oudiette Delphine


My overarching goal is to discover what happens to us when we sleep, on a brain, cognitive, and experiential level. Does sleep transform the way we think and act while awake?

More specifically, I study how sleep (and associated dreams) impacts major cognitive functions such as memory, creative problem solving, and perception. I am particularly interested in ‘hybrid states’ mixing features of wakefulness and sleep (e.g. sleep onset period, lucid dreaming, mind-wandering). My strategy is to combine behavioral tasks with experience sampling (dream reports), EEG,and innovative approaches in cognitive research (gesture recognition algorithm,graph theory for semantic networks, targeted memory reactivation). I use this approach both in healthy participants and in clinical populations whose unique sleep peculiarities open a window into the sleeping mind:  lucid dreamers who can signal in real-time that they are dreaming and sometimes control their dream scenario during rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep, and sleepwalkers whose overt behaviors allow to visualise ongoing cognitive processes happening during non-REM sleep.

I did my PhD in cognitive neurosciences at Pr Isabelle Arnulf ‘s Sleep Department at Pitie-Salpetriere hospital, in Paris. I studied patients who act out their dreams (REM sleep behavior disorder) to better understand motor, mental, and cognitive processes associated with REM sleep. Then, I spent three years in the US, at Northwestern University, where I was a postdoctoral fellow in Pr Ken A. Paller’s team. I focused on the role of sleep in memory consolidation, using sensory cues to selectively reactivate individual memories (targeted memory reactivation or TMR). After that, I came back to France for a second postdoctoral position at Pr Matthias Pessiglione’s lab at the Paris Brain Institute,where I discovered an entire new field, -value-based decision making/neuroeconomy. I investigated the paradoxical effect of motivation on physical performance. Since 2018, I hold a permanent research position (Chargée de Recherche Inserm) at the Paris Brain Institute (ICM).

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