Maranci Jean-Baptiste


I am a psychiatrist specialized in sleep medicine. I am currently doing a PhD with the theme of accessing and decoding emotions during dreams. The emotion of dreams would indeed have the role of regulating our emotions and our mood. It is however difficult to study since our only source of information is currently the dream report, which is an imperfect narrative of a partly forgotten dream. To get around this difficulty,we are investigating online models of emotion such as 1) REM behavior disorder, a pre-degenerative disease in which patients are no longer paralyzed in REM sleep and « live their dreams » allowing a direct access to the emotional behaviors of the sleepers and 2) lucid dreamer narcoleptic patients who can,thanks to a code, directly transmit the emotion of an ongoing dream to researchers. These patients are rare but can allow us to find markers of dreams emotions (eye movements, electroencephalographic activity ...) which can be applied in other subjects to perhaps, decode the emotion of their dreams. This « decoder » will allow us to better understand in the long term the links between the emotions of dreams and the regulation of mood, in particular when it no longer functions, as in certain psychiatric illnesses such as depression.

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Maranci, J. B., Aussel, A.,Vidailhet, M., & Arnulf, I. (2021). Grumpyface during adult sleep: A clue to negative emotion during sleep?. Journal of Sleep Research, e13369.


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Brás, A. B., Maranci, J. B.,Yang, Z., Chaumereuil, C., & Arnulf, I. (2021). Movements and behaviors during spontaneous arousals in healthy young adults: an intermediary stage between wakefulness and sleep?. Sleep Medicine.


Clé, M., Maranci, J. B., Weyn Banningh, S.,Lanfranchi, J., Vidailhet, M., & Arnulf, I. (2019). Smiling asleep: A study of happy emotional expressions during adult sleep. Journal Of sleep research28(4), e12814.


Maranci, J. B., Roze, E., Benoist, J. F., Mochel, F.,Rigal, O., & Arnulf, I. (2017). Dopamine and serotonin levels in cerebrospinal fluid during episodes of Kleine-Levin syndrome. Sleep Medicine36,184-185.

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