Biomarkers and innovative therapies of motor deficits in stroke

Am I rotating?

Am I moving?

Am I a square?

Although significant advancements have been reached for the hyper acute phase of stroke, there are still issues to solve, especially after 24 hours and later: (i) the identification of biomarkers for motor recovery and, (ii) the development of new innovative strategies including non-invasive brain stimulation and e-health(digital rehab programs, Do It Yourself, etc..) approaches.

The overall goal of our team is to develop complementary approaches (coupling clinical, neuroimaging and neurophysiological methods) to address these two lines of research(biomarkers and novel innovative strategies). Elucidating the mechanisms of cerebral plasticity during motor recovery is the main component linking our two axes.

Theme 1: Identifying novel structural and functional biomarkers for stroke outcome

Theme 2: Development of innovative therapeutic approaches in recovery

Elucidating the Structural and Functional Correlates of Upper-LimPoststroke Motor Impairment.

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Acute Diffusivity Biomarkers for Prediction of Motor and Language Outcome in Mild-to-Severe Stroke Patients.

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Impact of infarct location on functional outcome following endovascular therapy for stroke.

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The PREP study: Longitudinal study of stroke patients during motor recovery : TMS, MRI and behaviour recordings

The GAIN study: Biomarkers of gain from innovative therapy during stroke recovery

The ATTACK study: Evolution of temporal networks during stroke recovery using EEG (collaboration with F. De Vico Fallani)

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