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Interested and specialized (interuniversity degrees) in movement and neurological sleep disorders, I am a full-time neurologist inthe Sleep Department and the National reference Center for Narcolepsy, Idiopathic Hypersomnia and Kleine-Levin Syndrome at Pitié-SalpêtrièreHospital, Sorbonne Université, in Paris.

Sleep provides a valuable insight to understand movement disorders. For example, bradykinesia vanishes during sleep when patients with Parkinson disease act out their dreams, abnormal movements disappear during sleep, and reappear upon waking. One of my interests is to try to understand how sleepacts on movement control, based on clinical observations through various pathologies of movement during sleep or at the transition from sleep to wake. Secondly, I am interested to study rare hypersomnias, their clinical features and mechanisms, which has led me to focus on “hybrid states” such as hallucinations, REM sleep behaviour disorder, and other parasomnias.  

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