Eye movement control in primates

Am I rotating?

Am I moving?

Am I a square?

We want to understand how the brain works.

We want to understand how the wirings of billions of deterministic entities (such as the neurons in our brain) are capable to express emergent properties such as decision.

In order to examine this question, we are actually applying three restrictions:

1. The species, we are examining the wirings of the brain of non-human primates.

2. The function, we are focusing on the selection, the control and the monitoring of eye movements.

3. The structures, we are studying the frontal eye field, the supplementary eye field and the anterior cingulate regions of the brain.

These restrictions in mind, we are hoping that rules, laws and principles that govern the relations between structure and function within these specific areas of the brain can be generalized across, structures, functions and species so we can understand how our brain works.

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Coming soon!

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